D.M. Herrmann

Author of the John Henry Chronicles

The next book in the acclaimed series

John Henry's Not Out of the Woods Yet

New Threats are in store for John Henry and his family as the guerrilla war continues in the newly released fourth book of the John Henry Chronicles.
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Survival is About Family

In this post-apocalyptic science fiction series we follow John Henry, a US Army Veteran whose family is caught up in cruel events they had no say in. The Henry family, their friends, and neighbors must now fight to protect what they have. Rogue gangs, leftover government agencies, and opportunistic people threaten them. This is how in the face of adversity, loss, and tragedy, a small group of people come together to survive.

From the Mind of

D.M. Herrmann

A Wisconsin native and U.S. Army Veteran, D.M. Herrmann is familiar with the backgrounds in his stories. The John Henry Chronicles is a post-apocalyptic fiction series from a different perspective than many. They are about how people rise from a devastating event, survive and come closer together. As society collapses around them, they band together as a community and, by extension, a family. Without shared efforts within a group, no one would survive.

“The writing style and story just get better. The writing style is similar to Tom Clancy in his vivid details that allow you to visualize the characters and the events taking place. I will anxiously await the next book in the series.” 

Clint – US Army Veteran