D.M. Herrmann

Author of the John Henry Chronicles

Sorceress Revealed

A Clio Boru Novel – Book 2

In the community of Lake Melts, Wisconsin things are not always what they seem. The peaceful lakeside community and its small town charm has become a gathering place for many things. A dark and sinister malevolence has arrived in town, an ancient and terrifying horrible evil that could destroy everything. Lake Melts is no stranger to evil.

Strange goings on have recently begun in Lake Melts. Grave robbery, murders and mysterious strangers are causing evil to grow once again. The Ledge above the town has always been a place of great mystery; now it provides a haven for an ancient and terrifying evil. Whispers of satanic rituals, sacrifices and a coven come together to feed that which grows on the Ledge. Clio Boru, known in Lake Melts as “the Witch”, has been challenged to help stop the evil, but can she do it?

Clio’s friends, John and Roger, have other challenges. John Slocum, the deputy sheriff, needs to find a killer. Roger Marquette, a crypto-zoologist, makes connections to similar events in another part of the country. Together, Clio, John, and Roger need to rely on unexpected allies to find the truth. But do they have any hope of stopping the ancient evil that grows on the Ledge above Lake Melts?

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Praise for Sorceress Revealed

"If you enjoyed Sorceress Rising (and even if you didn't!) you're going to love Sorceress Revealed even more. A threat from California migrates to Wisconsin and Lake Melts is in the spotlight again. In a desire to belong to something special, city teens follow a charismatic leader into a new experience, one that will threaten Lake Melts once again. This is well-written and captivating. Evan scores again!”​

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