D.M. Herrmann

Author of the John Henry Chronicles


Book One of the John Henry Chronicles

In this post-apocalyptic military science fiction tale, John Henry, a divorced US Army veteran and father, sought a little bit of peace in his small cabin in Lake View, Wisconsin. There, surrounded by the north woods, new friends, and his dogs, he enjoyed a quiet life.

A surprise visit from John’s son brings a new burst of energy to his life when another burst of energy—an electromagnetic pulse—happens, and changes the world as John knows it.

Now, with dangers all around him at every turn, John must face his worst fears. He struggles as he gathers his family and tries to build a secure life in this new reality. Will he succeed when everyone is depending on him the most?

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Praise for Innisfree

"Innisfree is an interesting read, and a fairly accurate portrayal of human nature in extreme circumstances. Set in current times, with much of the unrest of the world today, D.M. Herrmann captures a possible future for us.”

"Innisfree confronts the terrifying reality of a world without the conveniences we've so heavily relied upon and just how far you would go to protect your family. This novel will keep you reading until the very end, securing its place among the top necessities you would grab if the world were to crumble.”

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