D.M. Herrmann

Author of the John Henry Chronicles

John Henry Chronicles

Rising from a devastating event, surviving, and coming closer together. These are the John Henry Chronicles.

Safety in Numbers and the Fight to Survive

John Henry. A retired soldier divorced and living alone. All he wanted was a little peace. A place to live and escape his years of military service. He found that place in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

One day his son, a soldier himself, brings his family to the Henry cabin for safety. While there, a cataclysmic event and the following actions shut down the world power grid. It is then that man, the animal that he is, returns to savagery.

John gathers his family around him and, with neighbors seeing safety in numbers, try to live a peaceful life.

The savagery of man won’t allow that. John Henry, his family, and his friends must do what man has done for millennia. They must fight to survive.