D.M. Herrmann

Author of the John Henry Chronicles

Their Star is Their World

Book Two of the John Henry Chronicles

In the second novel of the John Henry Chronicles military science fiction series, retired U.S. Army veteran, John Henry, faces another dilemma. As more people seek out his cabin in Northeastern Wisconsin and request aid, John is wary about who joins the family. As supplies get scarce, John will have hard decisions to make. Then, there’s an attack and a member of John’s family goes missing. How will he deal with the new challenges of keeping his family safe as he helps them fight to survive in a post-apocalyptic world?

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Praise for Their Star is Their World

"Fantastic follow up to previous edition, I could not put this book down until completed it at one sitting. Left me wanting for more. I email author for more chapters and was informed that another edition has been completed. This is a storyline that as a Veteran I feel I was there with the author as he filled in the plot of a fantastic storyline. Kudos for him!!!”​

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